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As part of our desire to provide an all encompassing experience for our customers a sister company Salop Concierge LTD was born. Utilising a discreet storage building situated quarter of  a mile from the main road and within a reasonable distance of Shrewsbury we can provide long and short term storage for your pride and joy. We don't publish the location of our facility, there is no signage from the road or on the building itself and only clients with vehicles in storage with us will have access to its address. 

Some of the services we offer: 

  • Car Covers

  • Battery Monitoring and Charging

  • Monthly Roll Outs

  • Service and MOT Transport

  • Airport drop off and holiday storage

These are just some of the other services we can offer on top of normal storage. if you have any specific requirements or wish to obtain a quote please fill in the form!

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